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About Us

Our Corporate
Our corporate mission is to improve the highest quality hygienic disposable products with superior value to healthcare providers and end users so as to improve patient hygiene standard and the quality of people's life.
Our Company
Established since 2004, Primuspac International Sdn. Bhd. has a diversified business ranging from healthcare products, supplied quality fabric, industries packaging supplies and new innovation in construction and decoration materials supplies.

Our healthcare division expanded rapidly due to the high market demand in the medical sector to provide stringent, highest quality hygienic disposable products to meet the world class medical standards in Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, Thai, United States of America and the rest of others continent. With the outbreak of asian SARS in 2003, Primuspac worked very closely with the hospitals by supplying innovative Worldwide PATENTED hygienic disposable products to help in the fight against the highly contagious disease.

Primuspac International Sdn. Bhd. is a global hygienic disposable products trading and manufacturing company. We produce innovative hygienic disposable products for use in the health care industries, hospitality industries and residential homes. With several manufacturing plants and warehouse in Malaysia and Singapore, we serve both the local and export market diligently.

Our Products

Range of World Patent Registered Hygienic Protective Disposable Pillowcases and Bed sheets
A revolutionary world patent registered health care product!

The ultimate advance technology fabric characteristics barrier protection from dust mite, microorganisms and other contaminants from right under your nose!
Dust Mite Allergies
allergy body
Dust Mite Body Allergy

Contaminated Pillow

Hygienic Disposable Pillowcase

Hygienic Disposable Bed sheet
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